Linux Bash Workshop (

Want to save time performing complex, repetitive tasks? Bash is a concise, super-fast and robust scripting language for manipulating data and files. Bash scripting is widely used to build analytics pipelines in the cloud.

In this course, you will learn the basics of Bash scripting. 

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Dauer 2 hours
  • Introduction to Bash
  • Bash script structures
  • Commands and Arguments
  • Variables and Parameters
  • Expansion
  • Control Statements

You will need a working knowledge of common command line programs and arguments.
Students and researchers of UZH and ETH Zurich working with the command line in the (Science) Cloud or on their own machines.
You will be able to write your first scripts using Bash.
You can download the slides from our website
In a mix of theoretical input and practical exercises.
If the course is taught onsite, you will need to bring your own computer as the terminal cannot be used on managed devices.
This course is offered in collaboration with The Alternative.


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Bitte beachten Sie vor Ihrer Kursanmeldung unsere Allgemeine Teilnahmebedingungen (pdf, 92 KB) insbesondere aber unser Fairplay: An- und Abmelden (pdf, 299 KB).. Vielen Dank!



Kursprogramm des HS23:

Das Programm für das Herbstsemester 2023 ist ab August online. Eine Anmeldung ist ab dem 01.09.2023 (im Laufe der Nacht ab ca. 01:00 Uhr) möglich.

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