Introduction to Git and Gitlab

Git is the state-​of-the-art version control system, taking away the pain of continuously changing file versions. GitLab allows you to save the files to the cloud, giving you a secure backup location.

This course will teach you how to use Git in combination with Gitlab.
We put these amazing tools together, and will help you to get started with them. Additionally, we will show you some tools that make the interaction even easier. We will dive in into some advanced topics on how git can help you improve your personal workflow or that of your team depending on the needs of the participants.

Allgemeine Informationen

Dauer 3 hours
  • Version control (backup, recover old state, make changes visible)
  • Publish (how, which license)
  • Contribute (work together on same project)
None. We will help you install Git (which is free) and we will use the Gitlab installation of UZH at
Students and employees of the University of Zurich. This course is particularly suitable for students at the BSc/MSc-level with no prior experience with Git.
We will distribute material during the course.
Please bring your own computer to this course. This course is offered in cooperation with The Alternative (


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