Science IT – ScienceCluster base

The ScienceCluster base course is designed to introduce new users to Science IT's cluster computing service.

This course will cover the basics of logging in to the cluster, managing your files across the various storage areas, submitting jobs with parallelized components, accessing outputted results, and much more. This course benefits both researchers as well as IT coordinators that support researchers.

Make sure to have your laptop computer ready and meet the course requirements described below.

To find out more about the ScienceCluster, please see here.
Materials that can be used during the course and beyond can be found here.

Allgemeine Informationen

Dauer 2.5 hours
  • What is the ScienceCluster?
  • Logging in 
  • Running and monitoring jobs
  • Slurm workload manager
  • Software modules
  • Transferring and sharing data
  • Setting up python virtual environments
  • GPUs
  • Strengths and limitations
  • Open discussion (and time to discuss your intended use cases)
It is recommended to first take the Science IT - Linux Command Line course or another basic linux command line tutorial, or to have reasonable prior experience with the Bash shell.

Login access to the ScienceCluster should be obtained prior to the course. Contact the Science IT Helpdesk for help.

Laptop computer
  • In-person course: Bring your own laptop computer to the course.
  • Online course: If not directly connected to the UZH-internal network, you will need a VPN connection to UZH in order to access the ScienceCluster. You can find more information on the UZH VPN here.
      Note for Windows users: Windows 10 or newer is expected.
        Contact the Science IT Helpdesk if you have an older version.


Code Referierende Daten Plätze frei Ort
FS23-SCC05 Routh Devin
Reed Darren
27.06.2023 (14:00 - 16:30 Uhr)
16 Online-Kurs zur Anmeldung
FS23-SCC06 Routh Devin
Reed Darren
25.07.2023 (14:00 - 16:30 Uhr)
20 Online-Kurs zur Anmeldung

Vor der Buchung beachten:

Bitte beachten Sie vor Ihrer Kursanmeldung unsere Allgemeine Teilnahmebedingungen (pdf, 92 KB) insbesondere aber unser Fairplay: An- und Abmelden (pdf, 299 KB).. Vielen Dank!



Kursprogramm des HS23:

Das Programm für das Herbstsemester 2023 ist ab August online. Eine Anmeldung ist ab dem 01.09.2023 (im Laufe der Nacht ab ca. 01:00 Uhr) möglich.

CMS, OLAT und Science IT Kurse erlauben auch vorher eine Anmeldung.