CMS Introduction Magnolia

This course makes it easier for you to get started on working with the University of Zurich's content management system.

General information

Duration 6 hours
The basic functions of the CMS are demonstrated and supplemented with short exercises.
  • CMS controls
  • Creating and managing web pages
  • Editing: Text input, structuring of texts, images, attachments, tables.
  • Standard templates and other templates (team, news)
Webmaster or author of a UZH CMS website.
The course is aimed at all those who maintain websites in the UZH CMS "Magnolia".
You can find the course material online here. In addition, you can discover the CMS on your own with the exercises and documentation in the tutorials.


Code Referents Dates Available seats Place
FS24-CMS3 Poppenwimmer Thomas 23.04.2024 - 24.04.2024 (08:30 - 11:30 o'clock)
8 Online Course Register
FS24-CMS4 Poppenwimmer Thomas 10.06.2024 - 13.06.2024 (08:30 - 11:30 o'clock)
21 Online Course Register