MS Excel 365: Data Visualisation

Data is an indispensable part of the digital world of work. The effective visualisation of data is of great value to gain insights, identify trends, optimise decision-making processes and make complex information understandable for different audiences.

In this interactive course you will learn how to transform data into meaningful graphics and interactive dashboards using Microsoft Excel.

General information

Duration 4 hours
  • Prepare data for visualisation (tables and PivotTables). 
  • Visualise data with appropriate chart types (e.g. column, line, pie, bar charts, etc.) 
  • Adapt charts for better readability and more concise statements (e.g. axis titles, data labels, trend lines, etc.) 
  • Data visualisation with sparklines 
  • Visualise geodata or project data (e.g.: Gantt charts) 
  • Create meaningful, interactive dashboards (slicer, fliter, PivotCharts) 
  • Integration of visualisations in reports and presentations (e.g. in Word, PowerPoint, as a web part in SharePoint)
Participants will have the basics of spreadsheet analysis with Microsoft Excel (entering data, creating tables, formatting cells, simple formulas and functions) and have a basic understanding of data analysis (sorting, filtering, aggregating). 
We recommend that you attend the course "MS Excel 365 - Transforming and Analysing Data with PowerQuery and PivotTables (WEP)" before attending this course or have otherwise familiarised yourself with transforming data.
This course is aimed at all members of the University of Zurich who would like to specifically deepen their Excel knowledge in order to visualise data in a targeted manner.
Participants will be able to select the appropriate chart types for different data sets, create visualisations and communicate them in a targeted manner.
The learning content is taught interactively in a mixture of presentation, demonstration and practical exercise.
This course works with Microsoft Excel for Windows. Participation with the Excel version for Mac is possible in principle, but is made more difficult by the fact that not all functions are available and the menu display differs in places.


Code Referents Dates Available seats Place
FS24-WEC1 Falone Francesco 26.06.2024 (09:00 - 13:00 o'clock)
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