3D Modeling, Texturing und Rendering in Blender

Our consumption of information and our communication have been characterised by a strong trend towards visual content in recent decades. Even more recently, 3D visualisations in the form of static, moving or even interactive visualisations have been added. In this course you will learn the basics of 3D visualisation in the professional, free software Blender. We focus on the modelling, texturing and rendering of a 3D object.


General information

Duration 12 hours
Day 1 Intro
First we get an overview of the 3D design process. Then we open Blender for the first time and playfully get to know the interface and the interaction possibilities.

Day 2 Modeling
On the second day of the course, we will plunge into the design of the respective objects. We will learn about the basic tools for creating polygon objects.

Day 3 Texturing
Now we will focus on the materiality of our object. We will learn which components contain 3D materials and how to create them with "nodes" in Blender.

Day 4 Rendering
In the last day of the course we will render our textured object. We will learn how rendering works in 3D software and in particular look at the Blender renderer "Cycles".
This course is aimed at absolute beginners and assumes no prior knowledge. At the end of the course you will get an outlook on how and where you can go deeper into Blender.
Members of the UZH who would like to learn something about the design process of 3D visualisations or who would simply like to design something in Blender will find what they are looking for in this course.
At the end of the course they will be able to describe the basic steps in the 3D design process and classify their potential. They will also be able to create a simple 3D model with the Blender software and understand how more complex models are designed. Example of a model: https://skfb.ly/orNP9
  • Basics of the 3D design process
  • Blender interface and tools
  • Modelling of polygon objects
  • Texturing in Blender
  • Rendering with Cycles in Blender
Course documents and materials are provided to participants in the course.
In addition, we recommend the following external resources:
  • Detailed project-based beginner tutorial: Blender 3.0 Beginner Donut Tutorial.
  • Blender Foundation Short Tutorials: Blender Fundamentals 2.8
  • Blender Documentation: https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/latest/
In this interactive course you will first get a general overview of the software and its potential before we move on to navigation and specific tools for modelling, texturing and rendering.
Whenever possible, please bring your own laptop with the Blender programme installed to the course.

This course is offered together with the Digital Library Space (https://ub.uzh.ch/de/ub-besuchen/Raumangebot/digital-library-space). The DLS also offers support with visualisation tasks or offers individual workshops around the topic of 3D.


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