FitSM Foundation

IT Service Management (ITSM) is the de facto standard method for organising IT and streamlining IT activities into customer-facing services, and has been used by many IT service providers for about 20 years. During this time, more than 2 million professionals have obtained an ITSM certification.

FitSM is a clear, pragmatic, lightweight and achievable standard for ITSM that is more accessible and applicable to a wider range of environments than traditional ITSM solutions (e.g. ITIL). All FitSM materials are released under CC licences. 

This course provides an introduction to IT Service Management according to FitSM and enables participants to achieve the FitSM Foundation certification.

General information

Duration 8 hours
  • Basic IT Service Management concepts and terminology
  • Purpose and structure of the FitSM standards - and their relationship to other standards
  • The process framework that underpins FitSM
  • Requirements defined in FitSM - enabling a fast and efficient ITSM implementation
You are an employee of UZH Central IT.
All employees of UZH Central IT who are involved in the management of IT services, the management of relationships with customers of IT services or in IT operations.
Become familiar with key ITSM terms and processes and understand the basic concepts of FitSM.
All FitSM materials, including the FitSM Foundation slide deck that forms the basis of this course, can be downloaded from
At the end of the course, participants are invited to take a 30-minute exam. The exam consists of
  • Closed book, i.e. no aids allowed
  • 20 multiple choice questions (four possible answers per question, one correct answer per question)
  • A minimum of 65% correct answers (13 out of 20) is required to pass the exam.
Upon successful completion of the exam, participants will receive a FitSM Foundation Certificate, confirming that they are familiar with key ITSM terms and processes and understand the fundamental concepts of FitSM.
Please bring your laptop to the course so that you can take the certificate exam and take notes during the sessions.


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