JavaScript: Basic Introduction

JavaScript is a programming language that is used to implement complex features on web pages like dynamically updating content, interactive maps, animated graphics, media control etc.

In this short introduction students will recapitulate the programming fundamentals by using modern JavaScript syntax. Furthermore, the students will learn the basics of object-oriented programming, how to address and manipulate document elements and to create interactive interfaces.

General information

Duration 9 hours
  • JavaScript fundamentals: Syntax, Data types, variables, functions, conditionals, loops, arrays and objects
  • Objects basics
  • DOM manipulation
  • UI events
Basic knowledge of html
Course: "AHT - Erstellen und Publizieren von Webseiten".
Students and employees of the University of Zurich
  • Apply basics of JavaScript syntax
  • Students are able to describe the function and the main elements of DOM and are able to select and manipulate element with the DOM.
The course documents will be provided digitally on the course day.


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