OLAT – Online Learning And Training

OLAT is the strategic learning management system at the University of Zurich. It is used by all faculties and can be used in many ways to provide content or to support the organisation of learning processes. Since OLAT was developed at the University of Zurich and is constantly being further developed, the needs and wishes of the users are directly incorporated into the further development.


OLAT Support

Phone: 044 635 67 90
E-mail: lms-support@zi.uzh.ch
Mon-Fri: 09:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00
Contact for other support requests and OLAT emergencies outside office hours: https://www.zi.uzh.ch/de/support.html

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Please note before booking

Before booking your course, please note our General Conditions of Participation (pdf, 92 KB) but especially our Fair Play: Registration and Deregistration (pdf, 299 KB).... Thank you very much!




E-mail: training@zi.uzh.ch
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Course programme of the FS23:

The program for the spring semester 2023 (pdf in German, 475 KB) will be online from January. Registration is possible from 01.02.2023 (during the night from approx. 01:00)

CMS, OLAT and Science IT courses also allow prior registration