KlickerUZH: Introduction and Didactic Use Cases

Have you ever felt the need for more interaction in your classroom? In this hands-on course, you will not only familiarize yourself with the functionalities of the audience interaction platform KlickerUZH, but also learn how to use the tool effectively in different didactic use cases. In addition to working with questions, courses, and operating the user interface, you will gain insights into the students' perspective. You will discover how KlickerUZH can not only enrich your lectures, but also promote the active participation and understanding of your students in the long term and outside of the classroom. You will also understand how to get insights from your learners by applying learning analytics metrics available within KlickerUZH.
In large lectures, reaching and interacting with all students or identifying gaps in knowledge often pose significant challenges. This is where KlickerUZH comes in: By asking targeted questions in the form of a live quiz or by giving students the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback through Live Q&A, it not only ensures that lessons are comprehensible, but also directly identifies where there is a need to catch up. Beyond the classroom, KlickerUZH supports asynchronous learning by delivering content in small, easily digestible portions as part of microlearning and practice quiz activities. The incorporation of gamification elements, such as points, rankings, and achievements, adds a motivational and playful dimension to the learning experience across all activities and an entire course. 

General information

Duration 2.5 hours
  • Introduction to the KlickerUZH platform and its main use cases and functionalities (questions, quizzes, courses, gamification, learning analytics). 
  • Interactive exercises to effectively create and integrate quizzes and interactive activities in different teaching scenarios. 
  • Practical exercises to understand the student's perspective and possibilities when interacting with KlickerUZH activities as a student. 
  • Discussion and input on how to integrate KlickerUZH gamification elements and learning analytics in an academic context.
  • Access to a laptop and a smartphone with an internet connection (to test the learning environment both as a lecturer and a student). 
  • A Switch Edu-ID that has been linked with the UZH account (https://eduid.uzh.ch/linking/).
Lecturers at the University of Zurich (professors, postgraduate students, teaching assistants) who are not yet familiar with the KlickerUZH but would like to use it in the future, as well as lecturers who have already worked with older versions of the KlickerUZH but that would like to apply new functionalities.
You will...
  • know the 5 types of activities in KlickerUZH (Live Quiz, Live Q&A, Microlearning, Practice Quiz/Flashcards and Group Activity) and their areas of application.  
  • know how to manage content (e.g. questions, activities, and courses) within KlickerUZH. 
  • be able to effectively integrate KlickerUZH into your lecture and know how to integrate it into your OLAT course.  
  • understand how the gamification elements of KlickerUZH can be used to increase student engagement.
  • understand what learning analytics can tell you about the learning progress of your class and how it can help students visualize their progress.
Splitting of the course hours: 
  • Introduction: What does the KlickerUZH do and what is unique about it? What are the main didactic use cases? 
  • Live Quiz and Live Q&A: Manage a gamified live quiz with questions and Live Q&A and participate from a student perspective.  
  • Asynchronous Learning Activities: Get to know the asynchronous activities of KlickerUZH (Microlearning, Practice Quiz and Flashcards, Group Activities).   
  • Further Topics, Tips & Tricks: Gamification Concept, Learning Analytics, Integration with OLAT, Integration of Results in Microsoft PowerPoint, Control Application, and more.


Code Referents Dates Available seats Place
HS24-AKU1 Schläfli Roland
Schlapbach Julius
30.08.2024 (09:00 - 11:30 o'clock)
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