OLAT 5: New Functions and Course Elements

In this information event we will show you the new possibilities of OLAT version 5, the strategic learning management system at the University of Zurich.  
With the update to OLAT 5, a number of new functions are available to our authors. These include the course element "Exercise" or the course design "with learning progress" of the type learning path. In addition, some video, test and task elements have been revised, e.g. questions of the type "gap text with drop-down" can now be created. We would like to show you these and many other new functions and UZH enhancements in OLAT 5.0 directly in this live demo. 

General information

Duration 1 hour
  • New functions in OLAT version 5 
    • Course element "Exercise 
    • Course design "with learning progression" of the learning path type 
    • New functions in video, test and task elements (e.g. "gap text with drop-down") 
    • Course release 
  • OLAT Manual 
  • Tips & Tricks, Help and Support 
  • Experience as course author with previous versions of OLAT.
  • For the online training you need an account with access rights to the Teams environment at UZH.
  • It is recommended to work with two screens during the course in order to follow the instructor and to work in parallel in your own OLAT course.
This event is for course authors who have already worked with previous versions of OLAT and would now like to learn about the innovations of the new OLAT version for use in teaching.  
The course is not aimed at students who use OLAT as part of their studies! 
The participants know the new functions of OLAT version 5 and how they can be used. 
  • Please check about one day before the event that you have access to the team channel where the course will take place.
  • Course materials will be provided in OLAT at the beginning of the course.
The course instructors are available to the participants after the event for another hour to answer questions about practical implementation. 


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