Matlab: Introduction to Programming

This course provides an applied introduction into scientific programming with MATLAB. The target group of this course are (graduate) students with no or little MATLAB experience who aim to use the software for their research purposes.The course comprises a compact two-week program of five interactive 3-hours sessions. 

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Dauer 15 hours
  • MATLAB basics
  • Vector and matrix calculations
  • Creating your own scripts and functions
  • Using control structures
  • Plotting 2d and 3d functions
  • Data analysis and visualization​
  • Statistics
  • Optimization
The course is designed for beginners with no or little knowledge of Matlab.
This course is especially suitable for students and academic employes who aim to use the software for their research purposes. The course is also open to all other members of the University of Zurich.
Documents will be provided in class. Further hands-on excercises are provided by Mathworks.
The focus of this course is the application of the above concepts. The sessions will therefore include many in-class exercises where participants can implement and apply the learned methods and techniques.
This course will be held online using Zoom. Please ensure that you have Zoom installed. You will receive the password for the meeting room and further instructions by the lecturer per email ahead of the course.


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